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Dear friends of Lighthouse Christian School (LCS), 

Our Mission at Lighthouse is “to teach and inspire all our children to enthusiastically pursue their God-given potential in the classroom, home, neighborhood and the world, no excuses, no exceptions.” 

Tia Sierra, Principal of Lighthouse says, “our values drive our school and are the foundation of our success. We believe in our Commitment to excellence; Inclusiveness and diversity; teaching and modeling Christian values; and transparency and accountability."


Kids learning about STEM

This year, enrollment has grown to 239 students from preschool through 8th grade. with 83% of the students being students of color. 70% of our students are enrolled in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (Vouchers) and we are now a community eligible school for the food program, meaning that 100% of our students are eligible for the Free Lunch Program. 

Over the past two years, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty has ranked us as the#1 school in Madison, and #6 in the State. LCS is in the top 1% by Adjusted Performance Rank. APR can be interpreted as the impact of the school on performance above what would be predicted based on school demographics. DPI has given us a score of FIVE STARS and “Significantly Exceeds Expectations.” Praise God!!!

Bottom Line


While other schools struggle to make a dent in the Achievement Gap, Lighthouse has proven that their students will have a brighter future. It is not surprising that there is a waiting list for all grades and high demand for a dedicated Middle School, as well as expanded day care facilities. 

Lighthouse has a unique opportunity to continue to serve and bless the neighborhood and city well into the future by purchasing the property adjacent to our school on Schroeder Rd. Today the parcel includes a school serving over 100 children and a commercial office building.

By acquiring this property Lighthouse will be able to add a dedicated Christian Middle School for 90 students and a Day Care facility for 60 children. Current leases will enable us to pay the mortgage. The immediate need is for a down payment of $400,000 of which Lighthouse Church has already pledged $100,000. We are praying that God will lead us in raising the other $300,000. Would you please help us reach our goal by considering on making a donation to Lighthouse Christian School? 


Moving Forward

We thank you in advance for your generous donations and for spreading the word about the difference Lighthouse is making in Madison.

Many Blessings,


Marcio Sierra



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