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4K Tuition

Tuition Schedule: 

Effective September 2021

Tuition per student                                                                             $240.00 per week

  • Tuition can be paid weekly ($240) or bi-weekly ($480)

  • The first child will be assessed the full tuition. A second child will receive 25% off and a third child will receive 50% off.

                 *Highest discount will be applied to the lowest rate.

Field trips, uniforms and any other extracurricular activities are additional expenses.

After School Voucher Rates (school age) 3:30 — 5:30 PM:

$10.00 daily drop-in
$150.00 per month for voucher students

Morning Care (7AM - 7:30AM): $3 per day per student

After School Late Pickup: $1 per every minute you're late after 5:30PM

Non-school days Care:
Private Pay Students: Included with tuition

Voucher Students: $40.00/day


Winter breaks & Spring break child care:

$40.00/day (Private pay AND voucher)

Registration Fees: 


The registration fee must be paid before your child will be considered enrolled. This fee will purchase workbooks and teaching materials for the entire year.

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