Lighthouse Spotlight

Meet Keiva C Aranda. She recently joined our team as our Strategic Partnership Coordinator. In her role, she will be working to create partnerships with area colleges to identify potential teachers of color.

Keiva has 10 years of experience supporting under-represented students in higher education and has spent the last two years leading a diverse group of professional staff in student orientation efforts. Her current role at the University of Wisconsin-Madison rests on strong and diverse partnerships that span campus and the greater Madison community.

She is a new member of the Urban League of Greater Madison-Young Professionals organization and volunteers on Tuesday nights leading a virtual bible study, composed of Millennial Professionals from all over the world. Keiva’s niche is to imagine and create change in individuals and organizations by making connections to empower students and colleagues to be successful.

We are thrilled to have Keiva join Lighthouse and we look forward to sharing more about our plans with the community.