Quality Child Care on Madison's West Side

Our Lighthouse Kids west side location is also a ministry of Lighthouse Church. We believe in providing a Christian environment for children to learn in so they may be disciplined in the ways of the Lord. We strive to create a learning experience that is strongly based in academics but does not neglect the growth of the body and spirit of the child. It is our hope that, like Jesus, our students will grow “in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” (Luke 2:52)


Lighthouse Kids also reflects the values of the church in its multicultural, bilingual approach. We welcome students of all backgrounds.

Our teachers are carefully chosen.

All teachers must pass a background check, meet state licensing requirements and demonstrate the quality of character that will ensure that your child is well taken care of.

Lighthouse Kids West is located

in our main campus at

6402 Schroeder Road

Madison, WI 53711

To enroll, call 608-441-9408 or click here to fill out our contact form.


Our infant program is design to provide a safe environment for your child. We ensure that not only are their basic needs met, but they are given plenty of social and emotional experiences throughout the day. Teachers work closely with you to design a routine that most closely represents your home routine.


Our preschool classrooms are designed to encourage learning. Our classes are taught in English and Spanish and focus on social, emotional and spiritual growth.

Everyday your child will learn skills that will prepare them for school like letters, numbers, writing and reading. Instructional times are between 8:30 A.M. - 3:15 P.M.

Extended care available (3:45 - 5:30) -  Children must be picked up by 5:30 PM or will be charged an extra fee.

We study a variety of themes throughout the year such as colors, shapes, seasons, family, animals, weather, senses, etc. Our program also provides students with a variety of experiences to enhance their learning such as field trips, games, art projects, music and gym class and Chinese class.



Full Time Rates: *Effective June 2020

Baby Whales (6 weeks - 12 months) $330.00/week
Seahorses (12 - 24 months) — $300.00/week

Starfish (24 - 36 months) — $240.00/week
Crabs (3 year old's) — $210.00/week

*Your rate is based on the classroom your child is in. Normally, transitions happen in June of each year. Early transitions are subject to approval.

Daily Rates* (Subject to availability):

Whales and Seahorses$65.00/day
Starfish $45.00/day

There are no sick days.

Payments is expected at the end of every week or biweekly. If you would like an alternative payment plan, please see the office.

Please note our rates are significantly discounted from the average rates in Madison. Rates are not negotiable.

If you have trouble paying for child care, please contact the "Wisconsin Shares" Child Care Subsidy Program at (608) 242-7441.

Registration Fee

The registration fee must be paid before your child will be considered enrolled.



We are a state-licensed daycare.
# 1012083/001

To enroll, call 608-441-9408 or click here to fill out our contact form.