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Be Excellent Amaze Many

Welcome to BEAM, Lighthouse Christian School's Talent Development Program. We believe everyone deserves to be challenged! Here is more information about our program.

Our Philosophy


Lighthouse Christian School recognizes that all students have unique gifts and talents and some possess them to an extraordinary degree in one or more of the following areas: Intellectual, Academic, Creative, Leadership, Visual/Performing Arts.

We offer programming for developing these outstanding talents as well as meeting the social/emotional needs of children and youth from all cultural groups and economic backgrounds.

In order to fully develop these capabilities, options include differentiation in the regular classroom, cluster groups, interest groups, independent study, contracts, and tiered assignments.

Students will be identified using multiple measures: state and classroom test scores, portfolio work and nominations from parents or teachers.

Our Identification

Services begin in First Grade with an identification process beginning in Kindergarten.

We use multiple data with a minimum of 2 of the following:

• STAR Testing 95% and above

• Classroom Assessments

• Portfolio Work

• Teacher Recommendation

• Parent Recommendation


Parent Resources


For more information about the program, contact Chris Blechl at

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